Folklore cajun (9) - Ray Abshire & Friends

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Ray Abshire & Friends

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From the 2003 Festivals Acadiens, Lafayette, Louisiana; and from the Liberty Theater, Eunice, Louisiana in September, 2005.
accordion and vocal: Ray Abshire; fiddle and vocal: Courtney Granger; fiddle: Kevin Wimmer; guitar: Andre Michot; upright bass: Louie Michot; announcer: Barry Ancelet (Festivals Acadien)
Ray with R.C. Vanicor, steel guitar; Errol Guilbeau, guitar; Vernon Bergeron, drums; Courtney Granger, fiddle; Barry Ancelet, announcer (Liberty Theater)

Special thanks to Ray Abshire for sharing his great music! These soundboard recordings are from his memorable performance at the 2003 Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette, Louisiana and from a September 2005 performance at the Liberty Theater.

French Two Step and Valse a Rodney were featured here for a long time. Now we turn to two more: Rabbit Stole the Pumpkin (that was the name on the old recording by John Bertrand, but you will recognize this as J'etais au Bal), and Fe Fe Ponchaux (original on this Web site above by Joe Falcon). Announcer Barry Ancelet gives a moving introduction, recalling Ray's times in the 1960s and 70s with the Balfa Brothers and the earliest days of the Cajun music renaissance when the Festivals Acadiens was only a one night Tribute to Cajun Music!

Creole Stomp, Lacassine Special, and the Cajuns' Waltz feature the modern dancehall lineup with steel guitar and drums. Great stuff!

Recommended : For Old Times Sake and Arrete Pas la Musique. They are surely two of the best traditional Cajun music recordings to come out in recent years. Don't miss them!

Rabbit Stole the Pumpkin Fe Fe Ponchaux
Band Intro at Liberty Theater New! Lacassine Special
Creole Stomp The Cajuns' Waltz

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