Folklore cajun (13) - Mamou Hour Cajun Band

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Mamou Hour Cajun Band

Description : lp This is Mamou Cajun Radio, Sonet Stereo SNTF 802, 1979

announcers: Revon Reed and Sady Courville; accordion and vocals: Roy Fusilier; fiddle: Sady Courville; guitar: Preston Manuel; triangle: Joe Bradford. There have been some good bands Saturday mornings chez Fred Tate, inside the roped off area, but this is my favorite. Ok Roy. Quoi on à pour eux autres? Everybody on the floor!

Chere Toutoute Love Bridge Waltz
Hathaway Two Step Perrodin Two Step
Le Grand Mamou Lafayette Two Step
'Tit Chemin Croche Theme Song

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