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Story Time:
How Fido Died

Description : "My grandfather told me that long time ago. One time he went on a trip. He had his neighbor take him to the train depot. He hitch up his buggy. Three weeks later he come back. Neighbor was right there take him back. Ask his neighbor 'How's everything at home?' Neighbors says "It's fair. It's alright. Oh, Fido died!" Hear how it all started with his dog Fido and that candle, that miserable little candle. Note: to those who don't know French, a voile is a veil. An old time funeral veil.

Buck and Bry
Description : "It was the last time before I broke my leg. I rode a horse. Buck! His name was Buck. That horse come from Texas. No cowboy Texas could stay on his back. So they bring him to me. They bring him to me and I put the saddle early in the morning.." Hear what happens when he can't get off the bucking horse and his wife sends him to the store!

Pascal and His Egrets
Description : "So Pascal him, he had a bunch of egret. Instead of chicken he had some egret. ....And he'd let his egret instead of his pig go out at night in Olide's field. Olide had about twelve acres sweet potato. Those smart egret, Pascal had trained them." -See what happens when Pascal gets all his egret and revenge himself!

Swallow and La Louisianne Samples!
Description :
You can now hear samples of great, hard to find material from Swallow and La Louisianne Records. First up? Ambrose Thibodeaux, the Touchet Family, and Joe Bonsall. Please use the contact information at the top of the sample page if you wish to check on availability.

New! Rare recordings from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s! Zeaux Records!
Description :
Zeaux Records is now offering 2 cd burns of rare recordings from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Volume One, Ferb's French 45s, has 28 songs on it. Some of them are featured as New! in the section of this Web site called 1950s-60s. Volume Two, featuring great Cajun Honky Tonk from the late 1940s/early 1950s, is called Hot Rod Cajun: Tanner-N-Texas: Cajun Honky Tonk: The First Recordings. Artists include Eddie Shuler & The All Star Reveliers, Lawrence Fruge & the Country Boys, Iry LeJeune & His French Accordion, Aldus Roger, Tan Benoit, Wilson Granger, Virgil Bozman & the Circle C Boys, Ernest Thibodeaux, Nathan Abshire & His Pinegrove Boys, and Cliff Lemaire & the Kaplan Swingmasters.

Great selections come from the collection of Lyle Ferbrache of Milpitas, California. For the cost of production and mailing, he can send you these cd burns from his stash of great records. Contact him at

New! Iry Lejeune: Wailin' the Blues Cajun Style!
Description :
Get your buzz about Iry LeJeune from this new book by master fiddler Ron Yule with Ervin Lejeune. Foreword by Ryan Brasseaux, with a chapter on Iry's accordion style by Chris Miller, and lyrics in both English and French. The book has what I consider to be the most thorough and engaging portrait yet of Iry and his music, his times, and his legacy. I believe it is destined to become an essential for anyone interested in Iry and his place in Cajun music and culture. It's short, 143 pages, with about 80 pages of main text and the rest as appendices. Includes many photographs never seen before, shots of the labels for all his songs, and a frank interview with Eddie Shuler who recorded him for the Goldband label.

I learned many facts that I never knew before, such as things about his disability, his attendance at the Louisiana School for the Blind, his visits and his busking in New Orleans, his exposure to cosmopolitan influences in New Orleans, his travels with Virgil Bozman's Oklahoma Tornadoes across the South including Nashville, his dogged determination to be heard and recorded, his experiments with home recording and desire to release his own record label, and the milieu in which Iry lived. Interesting facts about Iry's life intersecting with the lives of so many other well known figures in Cajun music history, including Amédé Breaux, Nathan Abshire, Will Kegley, Ernest Fruge, J.B. Fusilier, and many others.

See the Web site for contact information or write to

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